James Parker

James Parker


James Parker is a founding member of the international Catholic network for men, Harvesters, under whose umbrella he has brought the Gospel message to thousands of men. He has taught extensively on same-sex attraction and sexual addiction and has run programmes and seminars across Europe to help foster new groups and organisations to help support men and women in their journey of recovery. 

While in London, James spent ten years engaging with the unique spiritual journeys of hundreds of men and women with differing degrees of same-sex attraction. In 2013, he was the first non-Italian to receive Italy’s prestigious annual pro-life award for his commitment to honouring those with disabilities.

As an abuse survivor, and having previously lived and practiced as a gay rights’ activist, James has a passion for the godly restoration of men and women. James loves being a dad, hitting the beach and ocean, and can often be found glued to the television watching AFL.

Presentations (45-75 mins)

  • My Story - From Gay Activist to Husband and Father
  • How Homosexuality Develops - Confusion and Division of Legitimate Loves
  • Lesbianism 101 - the Basics About Female Same-Sex Attraction
  • How Did We Get Here? - Understanding the Modern Birth and Rise of Sexualities
  • Where Are We Going? - the Death of Society Through Same-Sex "Marriage"
  • Changing Orientation - Aren't People Born Gay, or is Change Possible?
  • Pastoral Responses to the Gay Rights Movement - Reaching out with Love
  • Do No Harm - Supporting Same-Sex Attracted Youth
  • Health Consequences of Gay Sex - the Stuff No One Ever Talks About
  • Catholicism: Pure Gift to those Same-Sex Attracted - How the Church Ministers Life
  • Gay Genes & Science - Neither Scientific nor Democratic, just the Furthering of Lies
  • The Trans World - Destroying Male and Female through Gender Mainstreaming


Scheduling Information: 
To book James for an event & for further information please contact 
events@parousiamedia.com | (02) 9651 0375

 Based in: Perth, may travel interstate upon request

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