Madeleine Carrington

Madeleine Carrington


Madeleine was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She received a Bachelor of Arts (Theology and History) and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Madeleine fell in love with the teachings of Saint John Paul II while she was studying at Notre Dame. Madeleine was inspired to be a missionary after attending the annual March for Life in Washington D.C in January 2012. In August 2013, she moved to Philadelphia in the USA to dedicate a year of her life speaking to young people about the pro-life and chastity message. Madeleine worked on establishing The Culture Project in Sydney, which seeks to restore culture by inspiring everyone to become fully alive by living a life of virtue and integrity. Madeleine enjoys reading, travelling and presenting speaking with her Husband, Simon. She is currently a high school teacher and is pursuing her Masters in Theology. 


Presentations (60-75 mins)   

Discovering your Call to Sanctity
This talk is inspired by Saint John Paul II’s call to the youth to discover and embrace their call to be saints! This talk will attempt to explain how the dignity of the human person, married with the desires of the human heart are intended to glorify the Church and draw souls to Christ. 

Authentic Femininity
This talk is designed to explain Saint John Paul II’s understanding of The Feminine Genius. By understanding the call and what is required to live out your Authentic Femininity, women can focus on the importance of building a Culture of Life. This talk will address the deepest desires of the feminine heart and how to fulfill them in a sex-saturated world.

This talk is inspired by Saint John Paul II’s call to build a Culture of Life by understanding and promoting the dignity and sanctity of the human person. This talk will explore the doctrine of Imago Dei as well as the miracle of life. Pro-Life apologetics are incorporated as well as the beauty of fetal development. 


Scheduling Information 
To book Madeleine for an event & for further information please contact | (02) 9651 0375

Based in: Sydney, may travel interstate upon request

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