Peter Pellicaan

Peter Pellicaan

After having spent over ten years as an ordained Protestant Minister, Peter Pellicaan came in to the Catholic Church with a fresh enthusiasm for the beauty, goodness and truth found in the Holy  Catholic Church. He is passionate about evangelisation as well as helping Catholics rediscover the wonder of their faith  in order that they might re-engage in it, and be able to articulate it for others. Peter is currently the Manager for Student  Success at Australian Catholic University and lives in Brisbane with his wife  Leone, and their four children, Jesse, Eve, Joseph and Lucy.
Presentations (60-75mins)
  • The Sexual Devolution: How love became lust... and how the Church can change it back!
  • Apologetics: Defending the Catholic Faith to Protestants.
  • Apologetics: Reasons to believe: in God, in his Son, and his Holy Catholic and Apostolic
  • The Holy Spirit: A biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit, and how He will empower
  • The Eucharist: Why is this the source and summit of the Christian life
  • The Imitation of Christ: What does it mean to live as Christ to this world?
  • Evangelisation: Why the Church exists for it's non-members, and how it can reach the world with the Joy of the gospel.
  • The whole truth: Why I resigned as a Protestant minister to be confirmed Catholic
  • Humanae Vitae/Theology of the Body: How Catholic moral teaching can liberate your
  • Scripture for Catholics: What is the grand story of the Bible, and why should Catholics
  • Virtue and Vice: Overcoming Temptation
  • Confession: How it can change your life


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To book Peter for an event & for further information please contact | (02) 9651 0375

 Based in: Brisbane

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