Robert Assaf

Robert Assaf


Robert Assaf entered the Spiritual Year at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in 2014, upon finishing school at the age of 18.  Having completed the Discernment Year he discerned out of the seminary and is currently studying a Bachelor of Education with a primary major in Religion and a minor in Business at the University of Notre Dame Australia. He is a Passionate youth speaker that aims to bring people closer to Christ through His Holy Catholic Church. Robert has been a youth speaker for over two years and has spoken to youth around Australia.


Presentations (45 - 120mins)

Into the Deep - Called to Sanctity
This talk aims to motivate and encourage all people to become the woman/man they were created to be. It is in this process of becoming and striving to be FULLY THEMSELVES that they become saints. It also provides basic principles as to what all the Saints in the Church had in common in terms of how they became Saints (i.e: Sacraments, Prayer).

Identity and Mission - Basic Principles of Discerning God's Will in One's Life
This talk lays basic practical principles about discerning God’s Will in our lives. Influenced by the Rules of Discernment given by St. Ignatius of Loyola and personal witness and experience.

From Resenting the Church to Embracing it
A Personal witness of how a cradle Catholic who lost his way fell in love with the very thing he once thought was imprisoning him.

Suffering and Christianity
This talk delves into the Christian response to suffering and looks at how  a loving God can exist simultaneously with suffering.

What is Truth? Relativism & Catholicism
This talk takes a look at the core principles of the relativistic culture which we live in, it's consequences and what the Church alternatively offers.


Scheduling Information: 
To book Robert for an event & for further information please contact | (02) 9651 0375

 Based in: Sydney, may travel interstate upon request 


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