Simon Carrington

Simon Carrington is the founder of Fire Up Ministries and was raised in a devout Catholic family of eight. Simon has been active in youth ministry for the past 3 years, with a passionate focus on chastity, pure dating and Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

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About Simon Carrington

Simon is Parousia Media’s first part time Chastity Speaker, and hopes to inspire a radiant purity in the lives of every young person he speaks to.

Simon has served Parousia Media in administration, production of resources, sales and event coordination; coordinating youth formation talks at parishes and schools in Sydney and beyond.

He has served as a volunteer youth minister at Our Lady of Lebanon parish in Harris Park, is a regular host/co-host on the Voice of Charity radio network, including Catholic Q&A Live and the “Chastity on Air” series.

He is an affiliate employee of, an internet filtering and accountability software, and has completed Theology of the Body 1: Head and Heart Immersion Course with Christopher West in Pennsylvania, USA.

He is currently completing a Bachelor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame and has spoken at parish youth groups, retreats and high schools all over Sydney, and in Melbourne.

Based in: Sydney, may travel interstate upon request


The Universal Longing for God

(Appropriate for ages 15+)

In this presentation, based on Christopher West’s book Fill These Hearts, Simon shows how Christianity is the religion of desire, and understanding what to do with our desires is the key to attaining true happiness! Simon will also discuss how particularly sexual desire and our creation as male and female is essential in discovering authentic sexual liberation!

The Man Talk

(Appropriate for ages 13+)

The Catholic Man is an endangered species! In this presentation, Simon calls all men to become lovers and defenders of their Catholic faith, while receiving practical relationship advice from a male perspective

Finding the Love That Satisfies

(Appropriate for ages 13+)

In this presentation, Simon identifies the authentic love that every human person desires and demonstrates that it is only through a proper understanding of the virtue of chastity, and God’s plan for human sexuality that this love can be found. Simon shares his personal testimony to help reveal that no matter what has happened in the past, chastity is a virtue for everyone, and finding true love is always possible!

Are We Dating?

(Appropriate for ages 13+)

In this presentation, Simon addresses the dating scene in a way that will eliminate drama and free couples to date purely, honourably and with sincerity. The dating scene should not be one of confusion or pain but rather one of excitement and joy! Simon will discuss how chastity will bring about true romance in your relationship, from “hi, how are you?” to “I do!”

Other Titles Include...

Chastity, Dating And Theology Of The Body
  • Fireproof Your Marriage (Simon)
  • The Feminine Mystery (Madeleine: Women Only)
  • The Masculine Mission (Simon: Men Only)
  • Sexual Desire: A Longing for God (Simon)
  • Theology of the Body and the Saints (Madeleine)
  • The Way of Beauty (Madeleine)
  • Parenting Purity to Teens (Simon: Parents Only)
  • Discovering Your Call to Sanctity (Madeleine)
  • Mary: Model of Discipleship (Simon)
  • The Passion of Christ (Simon)
  • The Rosary: Mary’s Spiritual Sword (Simon)
  • What is Prayer and how do I do it? (Simon)
  • Understanding the Gift of Divine Mercy (Madeleine)
  • Tim Staples Kept Me Catholic! (Simon)
  • Peter: The Rock and the Keys (Simon)
  • The Passover and the Eucharist (Simon)
  • How to Get the Most Out of Mass (Simon)
  • Human Dignity (Madeleine)

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