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Catholic content should be accessible anywhere, for anyone.

In the 2nd century, ‘parousia’ meant the arriving presence of a great figure. Parousia Media is passionate about what ‘parousia’ means today: the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The glorious Lord of Lords is already present with us.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Catholics are being informed, inspired and educated in their Faith. Every day, we’re turning the tide back toward Christ and the Church He founded.

Among the workplace, classroom, or friends and family, Catholics struggle to share answers.

Even simple things are hard to explain. Catholics of all ages feel they can’t talk about the Faith. In a hostile culture, confusion and doubt are common.

Australia isn’t a ship slipping her moorings into a bright, God-free future. Without the life of Christ, it feels like it’s sinking. Mass attendance is plummeting.

Only tiny margins of practicing Catholics care about the life of the Church. Even the members of the Church hierarchy don’t share the same vision.

With no tools, no community, and slim leadership, Catholics feel desperate. We hunger for inspiration, formation, education, and evangelization.

We need answers. Otherwise families and friendships will continue to fracture and fade.

The Solution

Parousia Media is bringing ministries together to invigorate Catholics. To transform the culture. Catholic content should be accessible anywhere, for anyone.

Now you can access the best Catholic content from around the world. We partner with reliable Catholic sources like EWTN, Augustine Institute, Ascension Press, Chastity Project, St. Joseph Communications, Catholic Answers, and more.

Parish priests, study groups, and individuals can enjoy fantastic, inspirational content – without international shipping. By networking with Catholic outlets, events and parish stands, Parousia brings you popular and top quality Catholic DVDs, CDs, and books.

Parousia also brings you plenty of free content!

Our weekly podcast interviews upcoming talents and international Catholic celebrities. Every year, Parousia hosts national tours that tackle key issues in the life of Australian Catholics. These eye-opening experiences have inspired hundreds of thousands.

Since 2009, you’ve enjoyed 30 national and international tours, and over two hundred local events.

With regular materials and programs, Parish Study Groups and Specialised Formation Events are catching fire. New friendships and communities are bonding around the truth. People are able to explain and defend their beloved Faith.

These news, topics, and resources are available through the Parousia website. Catholics can ask questions, become resellers, register for tours, and get the answers they need.

Together, we’re helping create a more vibrant Church in Australia. Help us continue building a future around the parousia of the Risen Christ.

Join us! Together we can keep creating a new wave of enthusiasm, evangelization, and opportunity.

Join us! Together we can keep creating a new wave of enthusiasm, evangelization, and opportunity.

Join thousands of Catholic Australians.

Every week, find out what new events, new resources, and new freebies are available to you! Together, we're creating an incredible, vibrant Church. Join us!

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