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No Human is Merely Mortal | Jeff Cavins

We are surrounded by an embarrassment of riches and have so many wonderful toys available to us. You name it. We have flat screen televisions, smart phones, and cars. It's kind of interesting, though, when you look at the marketing machine in society. Types of...

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The Narrow Gate: Are You Ready?

Without understanding their meaning these covered statues may initially look weird, but the veiled statues alert us of the special time that we are in.

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The Narrow Gate: Supporting Our Priests

We have entered the back half of Lent and, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Easter. Is there anything better than attending the Easter Vigil after a hard-fought Lent? It makes me wonder how our priests are doing. It’s an exciting time of the year for them...

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EWTN April Schedule 2019

As we enter the month of April, take a look and see what EWTN has going on this month!As always, should you prefer to watch EWTN online, here is the link.[embeddoc...

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