Growing up in Sydney, Eddy Borovnjak stopped practicing his faith in high school. He excelled academically, built up a good career, and got married.

Gradually, however, things started to go wrong. His various addictions, such as gambling, began to spin out of control, and his marriage collapsed.

To make matters worse, Eddy discovered that he was suffering from Stage 4 of a very rare brain cancer. His initial surgery was successful, but multiple infections set in, and after two more surgeries it became clear that he was not responding to treatment.

A priest came to give him the Last Rites. After the priest had left, he felt an urge to pray: “Dear God, if it’s my time to go, take me now. But God, if you’ve got something left for me to do, can you help me out?”

Little did Eddy know that God did indeed have plenty left for him to do! Watch the following video to hear Eddy tell Charbel the rest of the story.

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