PAROUSIA is a self-started Sydney Catholic media distribution and production company.  It offers a wealth of affordable resources from renowned international and local Catholic speakers.  In the vast array of products available from Parousia Media, one will find discussed and explored a wide range of topics touching on different aspects of the rich tradition that the Catholic Church offers, including Scripture, theology, conversion stories, family and marriage, apologetics.  It also engages in recording and production projects, hosts international speakers and arranges speaking tours.  The production and distribution of such a collection of different materials can only serve to nourish, feed and strengthen the minds and souls of Catholics everywhere in the True Faith.  It is a very good example of what the Church means by the “new evangelisation.

I endorse wholeheartedly Parousia Media’s efforts in bringing the Light of the Gospel to illuminate my patch in Sydney.  I recommend the many different products that Parousia Media has to offer as being sound catechetical and apologetical tools.  I encourage their use in our parishes and schools.  It is my firm wish that Parousia Media’s work can prepare the People of God for the coming of Christ into our hearts and minds.

Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP

Archbishop of Sydney, Australia

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